Anastasia Torres








Sasha Torres (Daughter)
Unnamed Husband (Seperated)

First Appearance

Inherit the Wind

Potrayed by

Julie Claire

Anastasia Torres is a working mother and the mother of Sasha Torres. She is played by actress Julie Claire.


Anastasia doesn't pay much attention to her daughter Sasha and has a terrible relationship with her husband. Due to her attitude, Sasha is more rebellious and sneaks out of the house to retreat to Paradise Dance Academy. Anastasia gets into many fights with her current husband and even loves her car more, in fact she had her car in her Christmas cards instead of her husband.

Anastasia later returns and meets Sasha at night at the Paradise Dance Academy. She reveals her husband has decided to leave and move in with his lover. She is moving to L.A. and he is moving to San Jose. She gives Sasha a choice and tells her she has to move. She continues with her move while Sasha refuses to. Anastasia eventually gets frustrated and gives Sasha the keys, letting her stay while she leaves.

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