• Mikitty092393

    Recent Wikia Updates

    September 13, 2012 by Mikitty092393

    Well i thought i might as well make this but hi guys! Im mikitty and i'm an admin of this wikia. I though ti might do an update. I'm going to ask the founder if we can change the background as the background is a refrence to the book Bunheads, which is diffrent from the TV series on ABC family.

    Also i changed many of the badges and i hope you like the design!

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  • MsIzzy1104

    Kinda New Here...

    August 23, 2012 by MsIzzy1104


    I watched Bunheads during the marathon earlier this week, and i watched about 5 episodes. So I was wondering... What else did I miss?


    I'll be on here daily and I will be keeping up with this show.

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  • Mikitty092393

    more episodes!

    August 18, 2012 by Mikitty092393

    ABC Family ordered more episodes of Bunheads! around 8 is the rumored ammount

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  • Mikitty092393


    July 24, 2012 by Mikitty092393

    hi :)

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  • Reading10

    Hi Everybody!

    June 25, 2012 by Reading10

    Hi everybody! I'm Reading10, and I'm very new to this wiki! I'm normally over with the Total Drama fandom (not sure if any of you are familiar with it), but I stumbled apon this wiki and decided to help out!

    I started watching Bunheads when it first aired on ABC Family, and instantly fell in love with it. I hope you guys all agree with me when I say this, but Bunheads is one of the best shows on ABC Family in a long time. Sure, The Secret Life of the American Teenager and Make It or Break It is good, but they've run their run. Both of those shows seem to be dragging on.

    I'll be looking forward to meeting with all of you, and helping out in anyway I can. Check out my profile to find out a little bit about me, OK? Thanks!


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