Claire Thompson




20s - 30s


Real Estate Agent


Ginny Thompson (Daughter)
Gil Thompson (ex-husband)

First Apperance

Inherit the Wind

Played by

Kiersten Warren

Claire Thompson is the local real estate agent in Paradise and Ginny Thompson's mother.


Claire arrives at Michelle and Fanny's house with a "Taco in a Bag" for her. She then asks Michelle several questions about her new property, which overwhelms Michelle. She suggests a new property for Michelle and has an idea to sell the property but Fanny interupts them and shoos her off. Claire later is mentioned by Ginny after Josh cancled their date. She asked Josh to get a cabinet ready by that night, which is what made Josh cancel. After they break-up, she blames it all on Michelle. 

Later Ginny is stuck helping her mothers buisness while her ex-husband is getting re-married.

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