Hubbel Flowers




Fanny Flowers (Mother)

Michelle Simms (Wife)



First Appearance


Played by

Alan Ruck

Hubbel Flowers was the husband of Michelle Simms and the son of Fanny Flowers.


He was the owner of a shoe business. He would go to Las Vegas every chance he got (which was once a month) to see his future wife, Michelle, and take her out to dinner, and buy her expensive gifts. They had a casual relationship sometime before the pilot episode.

Season 1Edit

Hubbel is infatuated with Michelle. He gives her several presents and offers to take her to dinner, but because of her Chicago audition she rejects and offers her friends for dinner. The next day he offers to take her to dinner and she accepts where she tells him how her audition went. Hubbel then proposes to her and dispite her protest, she eventually accepts. He brings her to his house that he lives in with his mother, Fanny Flowers. He let Fanny decorate the house with various items except the master bedroom. Fanny is upset with him over the wedding and holds a wedding party for them. However Michelle gets upset. He runs up to her and comforts her. Hubbel and Michelle kiss and have sex. They rejoin the party but then Michelle gets upset again and runs to the studio. Fanny defends Michelle and then goes out to find Michelle and Fanny after they leave. Hubbel tries to find them but gets into a car accident and passes away. Hubbel's death effected everyone but Fanny and Michelle's feelings are dug deep within them. Truly and Michelle blame Michelle for Hubbel's death. Michelle's buired feelings for Hubbel burst out late when she is with Conner.

Hubbel then makes one more apperance when Michelle is dreaming. He watched her in her dream audition and gave her some advice before she woke up to screaming parents.


Hubblle in Michelle's dream, giving her some advice.


  • He is the only character who has died so far
  • He would go to Las Vegas once a month to see Michelle

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