15 in beginning-later turns 16




Melanie Segal
Boo Jordan
Sasha Torres




Ginny Thompson (ex-girlfriend)

First Appearance

The Movie Truck

Latest Appearance

What's Your Damage, Heather?

Played by

Gabriel Notarangelo

Josh is a citizen of Paradise and Ginny's ex-boyfriend.

Season 1Edit

In Money for Nothing, Josh is mentioned by Ginny, him being her boyfriend since second grade. Josh popped in at the girl's slumber party with bags for each of them containing cookie dough,a Grease sing-a-long DVD, muffins, pre-loaded pez dispensers, apples for Boo, two decks of cards, canasta, cucumber eye masks, and fuzzy socks. Ginny offers for him to stay but Sasha kicks him out. He stays close to Ginny and always follows a strict routine with her. When she did not show up after school, he not only forcably viewed surveillance images form every Liquor store in town, but also forced the Police department to file a missing persons report on her against thier protocol. Soon Ginny breaks up with him after Michelle tells the girls of her wild love life and Ginny realizes there are many more men out there.


  • He and Ginny dated from second grade to 2012.
  • He often brought gifts for Ginny and her friends.
  • He always picked up Ginny from school until they broke up.

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