Truly Stone
Michelle Simms

First Appearance


Played by

Rose Abdoo

Sam is a citizen of Paradise and friend of Truly Stone.

Season 1Edit

Sam first appeared at Sparkles wearing one of the dresses. She identified Michelle as 'the stripper from Tahoe' and seems like good friends with Truly. She later is in the book club with Truly, talking about her love for dirty books. She also later attended tap classes held by Michelle, however she is not that good. She is also on the Association for the Preservation of Keeping it Real in Paradise Committee (Also known as TAFT POKI RIP). She blocks the supermarket from opening to keep preservation in paradise and rejects Michelle's pled to keep one. Sam continues to dance as a tap dancer with no improvement and tries to get Michelle to get them a performance.

Sam with Truly in Pilot

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